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     20 Veteran’s Relics (HC.31)

20 Veteran’s Relics  (HC.31)

20 Veteran’s Relics – These are in a small box (not shown) with a Hall tag on the lid. It reads “G.A.R. Post #4 Hagerstown, Maryland – mementos from returning Vets on Remembrance Day as they were leaving at the Sharpsburg Train Station. Gathered by O. T. Reilly”. What he gathered and we show here are an eagle pin/bar from a G.A.R. badge/medal and the following buttons: 1-Mass, 1-NY, 7-enlisted eagles, 2 cuff eagles, 2-“A” small, 1-epi eagle, 2-ball, 2-flat, and 1-“1638”. Nice historical collection.

     (HC.31) $195.00


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