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     New Jersey State Seal (66.13)[2]

New Jersey State Seal  (66.13)[2]

New Jersey State Seal Cast from a lighter than iron alloy, perhaps aluminum, this is architectural and has the remains of 4 bolts to attach it to the top of a gate or doorway or other entry. Its 41 long and the state Seal portion is 12 in dia. its painted gold and black and the seal is cast in high relief. The paint is dull and appears to be original. The back is in high relief as well, but Is all a dull red primer color. This leads me to believe that it was over a door and against a wall so the back wasnt seen. If you collect N.J. then this would make a great centerpiece for your collection. (66.13) [#2]

     (66.13) $175.00
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