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U. S. Art. Officer

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U.S. Artillery Officer''s Camp Hat Circa 1861-1865. This hat is pictured on pages 26 & 27 of our book Union & Confederate Civil War Headgear & Related Militaria. This hat is of a known Civil War pattern, but is quite rare and very difficult to describe (even with the pictures). The first picture shows the right side with insignia showing, and the hat folded flat and forming a half circle. The insignia are for the 5th Artillery, and are stamped brass in false embroidery. Opened it becomes a slouch type hat (photo 2), but the wide brim is only on the sides. There is no brim on the front and back. Also, when opened, the insignia are not seen clearly as they are now on the underside of the brim. The 3rd photo reveals the inside of the hat; it has a complete brown, polished cotton lining. The sweatband is black leather and 2" wide. An example of this style may be seen among the camp or smoking caps pictured in Echoes of Glory, page 188. This is made of dark blue wool and has numerous small moth holes. It''s all hand stitched and is in overall very good condition. Only the 3rd of these we have ever seen. [#1]

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