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     Confederate Butternut Trousers (011.17)

Confederate Butternut Trousers (011.17)

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Confederate Butternut Trousers These are an extreme rarity and in very good condition. All the buttons are black lacquered tin and one on the left rear is missing. The stitching is externally machine done and internally hand done. These have no fly and no pockets. The pant legs flare out a bit at the cuff but are not bell bottoms. Most of the wear is to the seat and knees as expected with some holes and some spots where small holes have been darned. Note the close-up of the fabrics used in the cuff interior. The 3 bands of material total 3 width and all the fabrics are ones typical of Civil War basting and kepi lining and construction. These trousers are large 38 waist and 31 inseam. Seldom seen and C.S. material is always to be appreciated. [#14]

     (21 011.17) $5500.00


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