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     “Tower” Pistol (49.06)[2]

“Tower” Pistol  (49.06)[2]

“Tower” Pistol – This has a large “Tower” and crown marked lock that was originally for a flintlock mechanism. This is percussion, as you can see, and it is a large (possibly .69 cal.) bore. All the furnishings are brass. The pistol was made from spare parts (well done) for sale in the British Colonies of the 19th century. Other markings are double English proofs on the barrel, the # “91” or “16” between the proof marks, the No. “5” on the butt cap, and the No. “6” on the side plate. The ramrod is missing. The gun is in very good, all original condition and has not been monkeyed with. It’s a rare British Arsenal variation. NOTE: THIS ITEM CANNOT BE PAID FOR USING PAYPAL. [#2]

     (43 49.06) $445.00


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