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     5-East Indian Co. Salvage Coins (23.15)

5-East Indian Co. Salvage Coins (23.15)

East Indian Co. Salvage Coins – This copper coin (a bit larger than a quarter) was salvaged from an East India Co. Ship, “The Admiral Gardner” which was sunk off the English coast during the Napoleonic Wars in 1809. A certificate of authenticity accompanies as pictured. One side has “The East India Company - 1808” along with the Company Coat of Arms. The other side is in Arabic with the notation in English “XX.CASH”. Remember that much of India and South East Asia is and was Moslem at that time. A great gift to a youngster who likes history. I have several of these. [#8] PRICE FOR 5.

     (36 23.15) $50.00


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