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     2nd Duryee Zouaves (38.11)[1]

2nd Duryee Zouaves (38.11)[1]

2nd Duryee Zouaves – This consists of 2 pieces. First, a history: “165th Regiment N.Y. Vols. – 2nd Duryee Zouaves 1862-1865”. This important Regimental history was published in 1905 and is complete with all photos, roster, diagrams, exercises, etc. in very good condition. Second: The Gold Medal of Commander Chas. F. Vanderbilt Camp NO. 5 N.Y. S. of V. by the Vet. A Sons 165th Regt. N.Y. vols. 2nd Duryee Zouaves. Jan. 31, 1903”. Charles was the son of color Corporal James a. Vanderbilt. He is pictured in uniform and as he was in 1905 in the book. He’s also pictured as the 1905 Treasurer of the 165th Re-organized. This is an important small grouping. Really special!

     (6 38.11) $225.00


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