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     Artillery Shako – Pattern 1832 (619.01)

Artillery Shako – Pattern 1832  (619.01)

Artillery Shako – Pattern 1832. This is truly fabulous. It’s complete with red cord hangings and tassels and a great tall (10”) red and white plume, eagle “A” side buttons, and a regulation front plate. The round plume base has a silver eagle on it. The black beaver fur body and tarred visor are about perfect. The inside has its complete embossed white paper lining with a “C. Clark, Norwich, Conn.” label with eagle. The sweatband is complete with white string tightener and is 2Ό” wide. The red cords hang from a pair of 8 point stars,. This is a great piece of American Headgear. $2,600.00 619.01

     (01 619.01) $2600.00


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