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     Militia Bell Crown – Circa 1825-1848 (95.M170)

Militia Bell Crown – Circa 1825-1848 (95.M170)

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Militia Bell Crown – Circa 1825-1848 This is an infantry officer’s with all silver plated insignia, trim, and hangings. The side buttons for the chin scales are a unique swirling pattern. The visor edge is silver. The hangings are suspended from flat silver buttons. A small silver eagle button is at the center of the leather cockade (see: close up without plume). The eagle plate is silvered pattern 1836. The leather body is checkered and has minor flaking (nothing unsightly) and is sound . There is no label but the 2” wide leather sweatband is complete. The spectacular white plume is appropriate but from the 1870’s. Very complete bell crown in very good condition.

     (01 95.M170) $2150.00


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