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     1st Veteran corps Pennsylvania (95.M183)

1st Veteran corps  Pennsylvania (95.M183)

Cased Set - 1st Veteran corps Pennsylvania circa 1897-1911 and a rare set. It includes: 1. Pair of epaulettes with embroidered 1 C.V. (intertwined in gold and silver) discs and N.G. buttons. All bright bullion and in excellent condition. 2. Japanned tin with scarlet velvet lining. Most of the lacquer is missing from the exterior but the interior canister and lid retain 90% original finish. 3. Inside the tin canister is the belt with gilded chain sword hangers and belt plate with nickel silver 1 V.C. applied. The belt is yellow brocade and black on black leather. Minor fraying to the fabric but overall very good plus. This is a real attractive grouping and inexpensive.

     (51 95.M183) $295.00


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