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     Solid Silver Pin/Medal (28.27)[7]

Solid Silver Pin/Medal (28.27)[7]

Solid Silver Pin/Medal This piece commemorates the British Victory at Sweaborg in the Crimean War. It also provides the pattern and inspiration for the American Civil War 9th Corps Badge. During the Crimean war the British bombarded the arsenal and fortress at Sweaborg on the Gulf of Finland with 17,000 shells in 2 days. The result was a great victory for the British over the Russians. This was in 1855. A detailed account of this episode of the war accompanies the medal. The medal has a "T" pin back and is pinned on a red wool pad. This is very desirable for the advanced collector of Civil War corps badges and insignia. The similarity, association, and history of transmission from the Crimean war to the Am. Civil War should make for fascinating research and inquiry. (28.27) [#7]

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