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     Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes of the Civil War

Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes of the Civil War

Frank Leslie''s Illustrated Famous Leaders and Battle Scenes of the Civil War by Louis Shepheard Moat (Author) Product Details • Hardcover: 544 pages. • Publisher: Mrs. Frank Leslie- New York; 1st edition (1896). • Language: English. • Condition: Overall good HOWEVER 2 pages of the contents/index at the front are missing and pages 449 through 512 have been cut out. This is as it was when we bought it. The previous owner had taken out these pages and was trying to sell them one at a time for several dollars each. Copyright and printing date 1895. Contains hundreds of engravings of Leaders from both north and south as well as battles, skirmishes, and noteworthy scenes from the home front. Large format. First edition of this pictorial history of the Civil War, with hundreds of woodcuts originally used in Leslie’s Civil War-era illustrated newspaper. Includes illustrations of major events, battle scenes, naval engagements, portraits of central participants, forts, and poignant episodes. In December of 1855, Frank Leslie “introduced Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, a weekly publication featuring news pictures… Events up to and including the Civil War created a growing demand for news and unprecedented opportunities for pictorial reporting. In 1857 Harper’s Weekly entered the area, followed two years later by the New York Illustrated News. From 1861 to 1865 the images of the war were largely seen through these three publications… At the time there was no halftone engraving, and the only way war scenes could be published was in woodcuts such as those of the three illustrated weeklies” (ANB). Later in Leslie’s life and following his death, works such as this one were compiled using the original Civil War woodcuts.

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